Huacaya Male

Light Fawn
Like father, like son!
Stud Fee: $1,250
Light Brown
Drifting towards greatness!
Price: $12,000
Stud Fee: $1,200
Medium Fawn
Yup, he's HOT!
Medium Fawn
Livin' up to his name!
Bay Black
Mysterious Forest
Stud Fee: $1,250
True Black
Ramblin' Man
Dark Fawn
OH MY! Check this guy out!
Stud Fee: $1,500
Medium Fawn
A Shining Example....
Price: $5,000
Medium Fawn
Chip off the Dorian "block"
Price: $7,500
Bay Black
And, he's rockin' it!!!!
Price: $11,500
Stud Fee: $1,000