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The Houseworths



A mechanic by trade, David owned and operated his own Service Repair Shop for many years.

Over the years, his love of the automobile has taken many different journeys. After working as part of a pit crew for friends at the TransAm 6 Hour Race in Watkins Glen, David decided to try his own hand at racing. For several years he participated in the SCCA Northeast race circuit, driving his GT1 TransAm, sometimes even to victory. Today his spare time is spent restoring antique or classic cars.


After working for small manufacturing firms in the Ithaca area, Chris, along with a partner, started her own electronic manufacturing business – BSU Incorporated.     

Starting and growing this business consumed most of her time. Today the business, while still going strong, has transitioned to a niche market, leaving more spare time. As a farm girl at heart, it only seemed logical to return to her roots and with her love of animals, Alpacas won her over.

NEWS UPDATE:  In May 2018 BSU Incorporated was sold.  Christine - retired????  I think not.  Just full time on the farm, trying to catch up on all the things that fell by the way side, and driving David crazy.


Wondering, at first, what her parents were thinking, Robin started reading the alpaca material laying around the house.  It was only a matter of days before she was hooked and in love with the gentle animals.  Robin is now living in Trumansburg and helping with the alpaca and the farm store.

I bet she's the best "pooper scooper" in the area.

Robin started her own Pet and Farm Sitting Service - DOIN' CHORES , as well as teaching in South Seneca for the  CCE 4-H After School Extended Day Program. 

Friday, September 28, 2018