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The Rest of the Family

05/15/2017 UPDATE:

On May 13th, my birthday, we had to say goodbye to our beloved friend and companion Murdock.  We knew her time with us was limited, but one never likes to think about that day.  She was with us 14 years, almost to the day, as we brought her home as a 6 week old puppy.  She had her ways and certainly put us through our paces.  (see below)

When the "Queen of Snacks" showed no interest in food or snacks, and wouldn't or couldn't move from her favorite spot on the rug, we knew the time had come.

Scooter seems very lost without her life long friend and "partner in crime".

Thanks to Dr. Annie Madison who made it painless for Murdock and tried to make it painless for us as well. 




In December of we had to say goodbye to Scooter too.  She was a wonderful dog and companion and when she could not longer function from nerve damage in her head (and brain?), again we made the tough decision to not let her suffer any longer.

Again, we thank Dr. Annie Madison for coming to the house and making the transition for Scooter as gentle and humane as possible.



Meet Tyler.  Although we know we can never replace Murdock or Scooter, we decided it was time to bring another companion to the family.  Tyler has only been with us a few weeks as of this writing (09/27/2018), but we are certain that the quirks and personalities that made Murdock and Scooter so special have been reincarnated in this little bundle we call Tyler.


Our lives would not be complete without our two dogs - Murdock and Scooter.

We call Murdock our "special needs dog".   Over the course of her 14 years, she has had surgery 3 times to remove rocks.  Almost losing her the first time, we tried to think like a dog and figure out why she did this.

First came the invisible fence, so she could be free to roam outside.  When this didn't work we figured she needed a companion - and along came Scooter.  After another episode of rock eating, we determined that she needed to wear a muzzle so she couldn't pick up any more rocks.  Lo and behold - Scooter could take off the muzzle and again she was free.  Today, Murdock is primarily an indoor dog, only going outside with a muzzle and without Scooter.

Scooter is a sweet loveable dog always there to comfort you and give you a kiss.  She is very faithful to us and to her best friend Murdock.  She enjoys going for rides in the boat and the Amphicar.  When going down the lake, people will come to the end of their docks to watch.  Instead of making comments about the unusual "car/boat" - everyone says - "LOOK AT THE DOG!"

Thursday, September 27, 2018