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About Our Store

When you are in the area, take a few minutes to browse through our gift shop. We are proud to present a variety of Alpaca products along with a smattering of other unique gifts.

Alpaca fiber has a natural, rich luster that give garments high visual appeal. The strength of the fiber does not diminish as it becomes finer, making it unusually strong and resilient even after processing. Alpaca is warmer, lighter and more durable than wool, and for an added bonus it is hypoallergenic.

We have products from the New England Alpaca Fiber Pool, a fiber processing solution for Alpaca farms across the United States. Manufacturing from NEAFP is exclusively done in the USA, creating eco and socially conscious fashion.

Other products have been imported from Peru, a country making available high-quality Alpaca garments, while providing a venue for economic development for Peruvian producers. And, if you look carefully, you may find garments made by our own Tricia Houseworth.

We are also very fortunate to have talented artisans in the family and neighborhood. As a community effort we are able to offer re-caned chairs and hand-woven rugs by Lexie’s Caning, unique pictures and more.